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Syns NFT Foundry

Did you know that you can copyright your own music by just minting it into an NFT?

All you need to do is just upload your music to the Foundary.

We'll handle the dirty work for you so your music can be transparently and immutabily registered on the Polygon blockchain.

Gas fee, you ask? No worries! Thanks to the Polygon network, you really just have to pay a fraction of a cent to mint an NFT.


Sell your music NFTs

Syns Platform offers a fun and friendly marketplace platform separate to your membership community. You can opt to list your NFTs to the marketplace so others can buy them!

Visit our FAQ to learn more on how our marketplace work!

NFT minting tactics

With Syns Foundary, you can mint your song into either one or multiple unique NFTs

What does that even mean?

Again, visit our FAQ to find out! We answered all your questions already.

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0% fee. One-stop-shop for tips and donations. Endlessly fun and supportive online community.

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Go global in seconds!
With the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, no more frustrating currency converting produceduers involved anymore.
With just one click, your fans can support you from anywhere around the world!
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